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Hello, welcome to my portfolio page. My dev work is mostly marketing support and coding, *not design.* I am also a cybersecurity analyst (CySA+) and Linux+ certified professional.

I'm currently writing cybersecurity content (blogs / eBooks). Other pieces available by request.

I previously worked 8 years as a web designer for a busy marketing department and 3 years as an interface developer for the San Diego Union-Tribune. I was very dedicated to both my jobs, so most of my older contract design samples are not live anymore. But you can still see below thumbnails and descriptions of my part in developing those sites.

I value candor in the pursuit of excellence. I conquer problems.



SwiftInv - Coding Camp Project 2

Just finished (10-02-2022) this project with my team which I named SwiftInv and designed the logo for. We used Sequelize, Node.js, and Express.js and it's fully responsive.

SwiftInv login

Results page.

SwiftInv Results Screen

Manage page.

SwiftInv Manage Screen


Cyberstrength eBook

Just finished (06-25-2022) this eBook. Click for a look at my cyber creds.

Cyberstrength eBook
Touchstone Services White Paper

Worked on a white paper for Touchstone Services in the U.K.

Touchstone Landing Page


Corporate Site

My position at XIFIN involved marketing processes (Salesforce, Marketo, Google Analytics), support, SEO, and Drupal administration and training. I saw the site through three versions. We eventually used the pre-built theme below for the current site at www.xifin.com. It remains unchanged since I left. Below that are some ideas I put forward for the content page layouts. I also built a customer portal and product microsites.

XIFIN thumbnail
CONTENT page layouts
XIFIN content page alternate 1 XIFIN content page alternate 3
Various XIFIN Graphics
XIFIN Production GraphicXIFIN Production GraphicXIFIN Production GraphicXIFIN Production GraphicXIFIN Production GraphicXIFIN Production Graphic
XIFIN Customer Christmas Card

For our customers, the email graphic(left) led to the shakeable globe animation(was in Flash so only used internally).

XIFIN Christmas Card emailXIFIN Christmas Card animated globe

SD Union-Tribune

SignOnSanDiego development pieces I am proud of, most of which no longer online.
SII Converter

This widget allowed the entering of text content from the newsroom SII terminals, reading the control characters, and converting the text into plain text for pasting and repurposing on the web.

San Diego Union-Tribune SII terminal conversion widget
San Diego Casino Guide(left/top). WROTE INTRO. Content editors updated the Casino Guide with my widget (PHP and XML)(right/bottom).
San Diego Casino Guide SOSD Casino Guide editing interface
Dynamic news widget for the Chumby IoT device(left/top). Ad configurator spits out some Javascript for pasting by colleagues(right/bottom).
SignOnSanDiego.com Chumby News widget SignOnSanDiego.com Ad Code creator
Radio site player(left/top). Media player for all site audio(right/bottom).
SignOnSanDiego.com Amplify Radio widget SignOnSanDiego.com sitewide media player
First MySQL project(left/top)! First Drupal project(right/bottom)!
San Diego Legal-Financial Guide San Diego Eldercare Guide
Street Scene Guide
Street Scene 2005

Flash video players from live event! Wrote intros

Street Scene 2006
Street Scene 2007
JSON/PHP sites on SignOnSanDiego.com for car news and south county communities. WROTE INTROS. Users could upload commentary and video.
SignOnSanDiego.com Car News South County Guide
San Diego Gaslamp Guide (left/top, mostly design, WROTE INTRO.); San Diego Tidepool Guide. (right/bottom. WROTE INTRO.)
San Diego Gaslamp Guide San Diego Tidepool Guide
I handled the San Diego Council on Literacy site every year(left/top) and helped with the Comic-con Guide. WROTE INTRO.(right/bottom)

San Diego Council on Literacy Comic-con Guide

Past Contracts

Either internal projects, have new sites or are now defunct.

BuildPods homeBuildpods content pages
RJS Structures(left/top) and Pacific Structures(right/bottom)

Pacific Structures
I animated the VW TDI(left/top) and Tiguan sites(right/bottom) designer's work with Flash (Kratos contract)

VW TDI KratosVW Tiguan Kratos
PLNU Newsletter Template(left/top), Interwest Capital login(middle), Operation Smile Resource CD(right/bottom)

PLNU Email newsletter templateInterwest User LoginOperation Smile resource CD
FJRoadtrip.com was in Flash (possibly working on HTML5/widgets version!) and TRICARE Dental (DefenseWeb contract)

TRICARE Dental Website
NASA Norbert's Lab (with NCI (Raytheon)) and Vianix (defunct)

My first position while in grad school was a short contract at NASA Langley. I worked in the base Education Department as a "Web Programmer," on the Norbert's Lab site (left/top) and also on contract with Vianix.

NASA Norbert project 1Vianix consumer site

Vianix homepage Vianix OEM site
Friends' sites
Gijo DesignJombie's Tech Support


My certifications

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